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Commercial real estate trends and insights in 2022

The U.S. commercial real estate market is likely to continue to thrive in 2022. This is owed to substantial economic growth and robust demand from both investors and tenants. Investment activity is likely to grow, with extensive global capital driving up commercial property values as investors seek yield.

Emerging trends in real estate 2022:
1)Improving leasing activity

Rental activity is expected to ramp up early in the year by January 2022. With vaccinations well in place across the country, businesses have already started to open and call their employees to the office. With the scale of international travel also increasing soon, improving rental activity is one of the commercial real estate trends for 2022.

2)Co-Working Shares in Office Space

Workspaces should see an increase in seating absorption between 20-30%. Seat uptake in 2021 is approximately 15% of total corporate office rentals. And experts have formulated that with around 75% of the workforce wanting to work in offices, the seat uptake percentage will only increase in 2022.

3)Rental Market

Rental properties will arrive at the need for housing, similarly as they did during the previous housing crisis. But unfortunately, we can't keep up with demand by producing enough fresh stock.

4)Housing Prices

Inexpensive housing stocks are limited, and all home buyers who wish to buy can only afford this type of property. Inventories are constantly declining, and there are more buyers for these goods than ever before.

5)Retail spaces

Retailers, wholesalers, and third-party logistics service providers are under pressure to serve consumers while reducing transportation costs. In addition, due to the increase in online shopping, retail-to-industrial conversion projects are expected to gain momentum in 2021 as demand for warehousing space increases to accommodate the boom in e-commerce.

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6)Outperform Of Logistics Demand

Demand for logistics space is being driven by growing e-commerce penetration rates and ongoing consumer preferences to shop online. Supply chain bottlenecks and rising consumer expectations are forcing logistics users to shift from just-in-time to just-in-case, with an increasing focus on supply chain resilience.

7)Multifamily Recovery

The multifamily and commercial real estate markets have largely recovered from the early days of the pandemic.

8)Upgraded Rental Units

An increasing number of excessive fees of the single-own circle of relatives' houses blended with renters spending greater time at domestic has translated to call for larger, higher-give up units.

9)Effect Of E-commerce

While e-commerce has impacted brick-and-mortar retail, its outcomes additionally were overblown. People nevertheless need to devour at restaurants, get haircuts and buy different in-man or woman items and services.


Commercial real estate trends have a bright way for 2022, with the sector looking to open its arms to growth on broader horizons. So, if you want to invest in a commercial property in India, now is the right time. Commercial real assets have moreover decided innovative tactics to extend the offer of cheaper housing and housing for the workforce. In addition, the public and private sectors want to paint together to make infrastructure a priority to improve the economy.